Machine-made garments that stay true to our ideals of high quality, slow fashion, sustainable design, and Made in the USA production.

Alabama Chanin is dedicated to keeping design and production local to founder Natalie Chanin’s hometown of Florence, Alabama, and has been since its inception in 2006. With the introduction of A. Chanin, a machine-made line produced under the same strict principals of responsible, sustainable manufacturing that Alabama Chanin is known for, the company offers its products to a wider audience while adding jobs to the local economy. The A. Chanin label is both an integral part of Alabama Chanin and a stand-alone entity. This line embraces our company’s commitment to sustainability and local, hometown manufacturing.

The A. Chanin line consists of 100% organic cotton jersey garments and home goods made on machines housed in the Florence Industrial Park, and offers a wide range of organic cotton products at an accessible price point, allowing us to offer sustainable garments to a wider range of customers. While consumer concern about overseas clothing production rises, A. Chanin hopes to offer an ethically-produced, American made alternative.

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